Cristian E. Simion, YO3LW – YO DX HF Contest manager.

My name is Cristian E. Simion, with the callsign: YO3LW. My HAM Radio journey has started in the early 90’s. At that time, my interests were oriented towards basic electronics as an “inheritance” from my father. Look forward to meet you in the contest!

Best wishes,

73 de Cris, YO3LW

Marian Aradoaie – YO3DIU – YO DX HF Contest Secretary

I am Marian Aradoaie – YO3DIU. I work in the field of telecommunications being interested in applied electronics and Ham Radio constructions.

I am the manager of the YO HQ national IARU team. For any technical issues, don’t hesitate to contact me.

All my best 73’s. Marian, YO3DIU



Mihai Olteanu – YO3GCL – YO DX HF Contest committee member

My name is Mihai Olteanu, with the callsign: YO3GCL. I usually get involved in building my own HF antennas, this is part of my hobby.

I operate 90% in CW, being active in most of the international contests. Thus, most probably we will meet in CW mode in YO DX HF contest.

Best 73 and GL!

Mike, YO3GCL

Stefan Bordeanu – YO3DP YO DX HF Contest Committe member

Hey! I am Bord – YO3DP. I like to operate in digital modes, using modest HM antennas in the HF bands.

I was involved, during the 80’s, in the development of the Romanian HM transceiver called: A412. Now, I still work in the field of applied electronics and ATMEL programming.

Best 73’s de Bord! YO3DP