Hints for log submisson

Before submission:

Check your log carefully if there are any typo’s or other mistakes before submitting. The full log must be in chronological order, this also applies to multi-op logs!

Frequent errors are:

  • Non-existing the YO counties abbreviations  in exchange or lack of exchange.
  • Mode and RST do not match. If you you do not have your rig interfaced to your logging software make sure the band and mode are changed simultaneously  in the log and on the rig.
  • “Impossible” calls due to a typo.
  • Time not within the contest time window.

So it is obvious that it will pay off  to thoroughly check your log before submission. The robot will generate ERROR(S) on most of the typo related mistakes. If there are too many mistakes or a more fundamental ERROR occurs (e.g. wrong Cabrillo header) then the log will be rejected. After correction you can re-submit (as many times as you like).