2024 Edition: 1200Z, Aug 24 to 1200Z, Aug 25

Please make time to upload your log file within 7 days while others need your log for cross checking !

  • Romanian operators are truly grateful for you making time operating in our contest !
  • We send you a big hug and our sincere 73's !

  • Best regards from Romania !

    CQ CQ YODX 2024

    F.R.R. HF contest team has the honor to invite you to participate in the YODX HF Contest to contact as many Romanian and other amateurs radio as possible in order to gain experience and competitive background as well.

    Contest Started !

    2024 prize for best score under 18 yrs old, SOAB MIXED,YN Low power


    New uploader Web App v2.0

    Javascript Categories selectors, contest name and calsign checkings, QSO lines visual errors detection, realtime received logs page.

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    Code lines

    0 +

    Programming languages

    0 +

    Fetchmail parser processor

    0 +

    Code bugs fixed

    YODX synthetic chart based on participation detected from log files

    2023 plaques sent by F.R.R. and YO Friends


    Congratulations !


    Congratulations !


    Congratulations !


    Congratulations !


    Accordion content goes here!


    Congratulations !

    New database with
    filtering results

    2023 brought novelties as SQL queries for result filtering. A custom collection of PHP, HTML, Python3.xx and + Pearl custom code, made this website what it is right now !

  • SQL queries pushed into arrays and executed as IMPLODE function !
  • Sanitized code for validation purpose
  • Characters escaping like /P or YO/LZ8xx
  • Database replication for backups
  • phpGD() library to generate online Awards

  • Real time
    received logs

    Real time is hard to quantify ! In my case, for 2023 I will use my own server with linux Fetchmail and Procmail to read and download all messages received by logs@yodx.ro account. Once read and processed, they will get into a queue list being marked as READ and extracting MIME's from it's content. Once Mime got extracted, will look for callsign in each header, append it to a log file and upload it via FTP BASH scripts in such way that will bypass Chrome caching by using timestamp AJAX query straight into website ! Work in progress...
    Best regards,
    Gabriel YO8RXP

    Software as a service - SAAS

    F.R.R. acknowledges the power of software, willing too look for Romanian custom solutions for a complete contest evaluation software ! Any help will be appreciated, rewarded and used as it should be !

    Media content
    as a service

    As we all know that a good picture or video can be more powerful than a thousand words, a new strategy has been developed to use 2023 new digital tools as

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Media creation software

  • CQ YO !

    Any country DX contest is useless without local operators !
    YODX is a contest to promote ham spirit, trust, people being united by radio waves and more.
    With this in mind, F.R.R. is kindly asking all romanian operators to let go any bad thoughts, hatred, and come together making YODX great again ! Please remember , always 1+1=3 !

    Artificial intelligence

    As many of us do not share the love for such tools, F.R.R. is willing to explore it by kindly asking and making use of romanian young talents.

    Video content with that pretty woman(it) was actually made using artificial intelligence !

    Media creation tools

    Without good and quality paid software, just using Paint cannot produce a good quality media file. F.R.R. is comited  to raise funds for such tools.