The YO DX HF Contest is an end of summer contest organized by the Romanian
Amateur Radio Federation (FRR). Its aim is to ensure a competitive spirit for
the YO participants as well as to offer the chance of foreign stations to turn
antennas towards Romania. Over the years statistics have shown that YO DX
Contest was more oriented to CW as operating mode, rather than a well-balanced
ratio of SSB:CW.

Accordingly, we are happy to inform you that the rules for the next YO DX
Contest (2020 Edition) are under review. Thus, we hope to give equal chances
both to SSB and CW operators to test their operational skills. Additionally,
there will be available for downloading a call history file list with most of
the YO stations present during the years.

The propagation at the end of August makes the contest an interesting and
challenging event..

We hope to welcome you as a participant in the next YO DX HF Contest. This
event will be held on August 29-30.

For those of you how want to download the diploma for the 2019 edition are
invited to visit:

 We will provide as soon as possible a bilingual version of the complete
rules. Please stay tuned!