Contest software

The importance of contest software is crucial. For fast logging, dupes check, callsign recover from noise with automatic check, contest software is a must!

YODX-HF Contest log uploader v_1.01 Beta

Observing log errors post 2023 contest, I start rewriting uploader code not to trust user Cabrillo header but to force user to generate a fresh one with preset values in order to generate a perfect Cabrillo 3.0 compliance ! Also, a QSO error detection will show user QSO lines containing error and what to change inside it ! 
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  • Cabrillo 3.0 header constructor

    So many contest software to deal with ! Many of them use outdated Cabrillo 2.0, other participants modify it as they fit. New uploader drop down list will generate a perfect new one, Cabrillo 3.0 compliant !

  • QSO error detection

    QSO: lines also is a subject of many mistakes. New software will detect it and show invalid lines with wrong or missing fields marked with red. Will detect if wrong serial number or county also ! Instead of wasting post contest time to correct bad log files, new upload portal will block any such file but showing participant where and what is wrong within !

Validator features: 

  • Frequency, date and time format

  • Phone or CW mode format in conjuction with sent RS(T)

  • Used callsign  corroborated with declared and header callsign

  • Contest name detector,  callsigns containing letters and numbers, even a sent county validator for YO stations to avoid  “County” instead of county prefix !

Most used software in YODX


Authors: N1MM, N2AMG, PA1M


Authors: DL7UCX


Authors: F5MZN


Author: IK3QAR


Authors: K5DJ


Authors: N6TR


Authors: UA4WLI


Authors: W3KM


Authors: RA3DTC

Best contest software

There is no such concept as “best”. Each user is different, each user have it’s own habbits.

But judging by most used contest software in YODX HF CONTEST, the trophy goes to :